Bake delicious Swedish cinnamon buns. Baking & Pastry classes on a Swedish farm - the perfect activity for the whole family!

Who does not like to bite into a freshly baked cinnamon bun? Directly from the oven and with the scent of sweet spices. This classic delicacy, much appreciated by adults and children, is a favourite Swedish "fika" pastry. You can buy and eat the cinnamon bun in places all over Sweden – but much more fun is to make these pastries yourself!

Take the chance on your motor home holiday and learn how to bake this tasty Swedish bun properly!

In the farmhouse kitchen, together with Chatrine your baking teacher, you will bake the most iconic of Swedish pastries. At the end of the day you will leave the farmhouse kitchen with your own copy of the recipe in English, a specially designed apron and a bag full of your delicious homemade buns.

It is a perfect fun activity for the whole family!

While the dough is rising, Chatrine and her husband Johan will guide you around the farm and tell you the fascinating history of an almost 500-year-old farmstead. You will explore the red-painted and wooden buildings, the coffee shop and the carpenter’s workshop.

Directly from the oven, you are ready to try one yummy warm bun each. Help yourself to a good coffee, prepared Swedish style in a "coffee pan” and a glass of fresh milk for the kids.

Do you need more reasons why?

  • Need a great activity for the children on a rainy day? Baking and pastry classes are not weather dependent and the activity is even cosier on a cloudy day.
  • Baking is fun for all ages!
  • Do you have a family celebration coming up during your vacation? Take the opportunity to make your own Swedish delicacies for the party.

This Swedish classic has introduced itself as the number one choice of pastry to “fika” (Swedish for coffee break) and has started to spread abroad, to e.g. New York, Paris and London.

This Swedish classic is the number one pastry choice for a "fika" (Swedish for coffee break). Today you can find them in many cafes in New York, Paris and London.

The tasty bun is truly popular and on October the 4th the Swedes celebrate the Day of the Cinnamon Bun.

Booking and contact details

For more information on cinnamon bun baking classes on Hult farm, please contact:

Preparing dough for cinnamon buns
Preparing cinnamon buns for baking
More details on baking and pastry classes on Hult farm

Time: 3 hours.

Participants: 1-5 people. The activity suits young children (from 3 years), youngsters, parents and grandparents.

Price: 2.000 SEK per 2 participants. Extra participants at 400 SEK per person. Price includes all ingredients, about two dozen lovely buns per participant, an English copy of the recipe and your own apron. Also included is a guided tour and “fika” on the farm.

Preparations by guest: None.

Reservations: Please send an email to at least 3 days in advance.

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How to find our lovely baking and pastry class?

Only 45 minutes' drive from Jönköping you will find the quintessential Swedish farmstead of Hult. In the old times, the farm was an Inn hosting travellers on their way to Tranås.

Book a place to park your motor home overnight in the midst of the Swedish woodlands.

Rolled dough for cinnamon buns