Two persons in front of a furnace working with glassblowing

Blow your own crystal bowl in the historic Kingdom of Crystal - at Målerås Glassworks

Are you passing through Småland on your motorhome holiday this summer? Take the opportunity to see how art glass has been manufactured since 1700 and try glassblowing!

You can design and blow your own crystal bowl.

Målerås is - together with Kosta, Boda and Orrefors - one of the villages in Småland, whose development is closely linked to the art of glassblowing. Experience the history, learn about the present and listening to the plans for the future.

Under the guidance of an experienced master glassblower, you will try glassblowing! The activity is suitable for adults and children from the age of 15 (for safety reasons).

How can the simple ingredients of sand, potash and barium become something so spectacular as resonating crystal?

Follow the fascinating process from beginning to end with a private visit to the exhibition hall including the museum and the glassworks!

Exclusive tour of the glassworks and museum

Many of Sweden's and the world's finest glass artists have been active in Småland. In the glassworks you will watch glass manufacturing, glass blowing, casting, engraving in glass and glass painting. You, and your family or your friends, will get a custom made introduction.

Do you need more reasons to visit the glass village Målerås?

  • It is interesting to combine the visit to the glassworks with a visit to Målerås Leather, which designs and manufactures their own bags and briefcases.
  • In the area there are excellent trails for hiking and biking.
  • You can eat in the hut! The “Foundry Inn” serves lunch and coffee/ Fika seven days a week.
  • In the summer you can also enjoy traditional dishes such as  “hyttsill” (fried herring), smoked “isterband” sausage and Swedish cheesecake, which is being served while you listen to music and watch glassblowing. On you can see on which nights you can book a table.

The price includes a "Kingdom of Crystal Pass" which gives 10% discount in the crystal shop in Milers and in many smaller specialised shops in the Kingdom of Crystal.

If you are unable to fetch your cooled bowl on the following days, the organizer can send your bowl to your home address, freight cost is additional.

Målerås is a small Glass village with glass production since 1890. It offers many attractions during the summer. More information about the Kingdom of Crystal - shops, exhibitions and museums –as well as the village Glasbyn Målerås is available on, and on

Useful information about trying glassblowing

Time: Approximately 2-3 hours, 10 am to 1 pm, or 1 pm to 4 pm (depending on the number of participants). The visit starts with the master glassblower telling you about the technology of glass blowing. Then you will select the design for the bowl and then you can proceed to blow your own crystal bowl! The Master will also guide you in the glassworks, you will hear about and watch the art of casting, painting and engravings. (The tour is slightly different on a weekday from a week-end or holiday day, depending on what is open.)

Participants: 2-4 people. The activity is suitable for both children over the age of 15  and adults.

Price: 3300 SEK / 2 persons or 4950 SEK / 3-4 people.

Preparations by guest: Wear and tear clothes and shoes. Shirt (or equivalent) with long sleeves.

Reservation: Please book your glassblowing at least one week before the scheduled date. Send e-mail to  or call +46 (0)481-314 01 and talk to Jeanette. To get our special offer please quote "Daylight Premium".

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Booking and contact details

For bookings or questions regarding glassblowing please contact and quote "Daylight Premium":

A glassblower at work

We recieved two hours of instructions in the art of glassblowing with master Carlos as a gift. We spent some nice, hot hours in the Målerås glassworks! Under Carlos pedagogical supervision, we managed to produce some really nice work. We are proud and delighted to have been given this fantastic opportunity. We hope that many more will get to know glassblowing, it is a fun experience that creates good memories!

Amateur glassblowers Irene and Bo from Huddinge (Sweden)

How to find to glassblowing at Målerås Glassworks

Målerås is located in Nybro in Småland, on highway 31. About 30 Km northwest of Nybro, 60 Km from Kalmar and 60 Km from Växjö.

Pitches/parking overnight for motorhomes at the Målerås Hostel B & B. Remember to call the owner Frank Fender, Telephone +46 (0)481-311 75 on arrival.

Melt glass which soon will be blown to a crystal bowl