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Travel tips at Daylight Motorhomes

Over the years we have collected travel tips from or for customers. We have been listened to our customers' wishes and request for the places they want to visit, experiences and activities they would like to try out.  We have also monitored the development of motorhome tourism in Sweden

 We have collected the travel and tourist information here under our travel tips pages. 

 You will find information about the growing nature and outdoor tourism in Sweden.

1) Lake and river holidays 

2) Coasts, archipelagos and islands

3) National Parks and Unique Landscapes

Preserving rural areas, nature and cultural values ​​is an important part of small-scale rural tourism. Tips for this can be found under the Swedish culture and heritage holiday page.

Nature invites you to enjoy outdoor, to exercise and to do sports. In most places around Sweden there are outdoor and gym facilities, bathing areas and nature areas, ideal for sports. With a motorhome you can easily find unique training sites.

If you are looking for genuine experiences, please look through Premium GoNatureTrip - here we collect the really special activities.

 The GoNatureTrip travel tips site is updates continually in English with new trends, places to visit and tips on experiences and activities. We also translate pages into German and Spanish on a regular basis. 


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Park motorhome with lake view at outdoor resort IKPH
Park motorhome with lake view at outdoor resort IKPH
Pause before the largest recreational bike ride, Vätternrundan
Experience the largest recreational bike ride, Vätternrundan
Park motorhome with lake view in Småland
Parking of motorhome with lake view in South Sweden
Family holiday on farm on your motorhome trip
Enjoy farm-life on your motorhome trip
Women sitting on a jetty looking at lake
Woman enjoying the view over the lake
Nature adventure and learning
Wonderful fun in nature
The gold of Swedish forest
Hike in the Swedish forest and look for its treausures

Destinations within Daylight Premium GoNatureTrip

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Rental stations in Gothenburg / Mölndal and Jonkoping have blue map marker.

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