Motorhome holiday at Swedish lakes or rivers.

Travel tips for your motorhome holiday by Swedish lakes and rivers

On your family vacation in Sweden, visit one of Sweden's close to 100,000 lakes. The Swedish Lakes represent a total of about nine percent of the country's surface. Take a trip along one of countless rivers in Sweden and experience a great outdoor experience by a forest streams.

The waters are an important natural resource for energy and water supply as well as for fishing and recreation. Rivers and lakes constitute exciting tourist attractions and beautiful nature experiences. The Lakes, rivers and woodlands provide a space for relaxation, tranquillity, but also for an active and adventurous holiday. 

You can choose from the six largest lakes Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren, Storsjön, Siljan or one of the thousands of smaller ones. The smaller lakes often provide better conditions for fun outdoor activities such as an evening sauna by the lake or renting a boat, kayak or canoe to explore the shores, bays and beaches. Go fishing for Pike, Zander and Perch.

Check out local outdoor destinations, there are plenty of municipally run swimming recreational areas with “diving towers” and barbecue areas.

On the travel tips site GoNatureTrip you will find farms and landowners offering scenic parking by a lake.

When you book a motorhome with us you will receive a special offer at Ödevata Fiskecamp, a lakeside campsite and fishing resort in the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland. Check out the offer, how to book, terms and conditions and availability on their website. Check out availability for motorhome rental

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Park by a lake
Motorhome with lakeside view

Relax by top beautiful lakes in Southern Sweden

Motorhome trip to and around the big lakes. 

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Your motorhome family trip around major lakes like Vättern, Vänern and Siljan lead to new discoveries. Sweden's two largest lakes, Lake Vänern and Vättern are close to each other. If you pick up your motorhome in Gothenburg, you can quickly reach to Lake Vänern. There you will find many nice destinations, an open and friendly countryside, ferries taking you to islands and charming seaside parking.

You find our motorhome station in Jönköping only a few kilometres from the Lake Vättern and the Swedish biosphere reserve” Östra Vätternbranterna”. The biosphere reserve hosts a spectacular countryside landscape by the Lake Vättern. 

Good starting points for a trip around Vättern is Jönköping city. From here you can easily reach the picturesque towns Gränna where you can also take the ferry to the Island Visingsö. Further north you spend a day at the beaches in Motala and on the western side of Vättern you can eat smoked fish in the harbour of the town Hjo.  

Other beautiful South Sweden lake districts are the lakes Bunn and Ören. The lakes are located in the biosphere reserve Östra Vätternbranterna. Rent a boat, canoe or kayak or rent a bike to go around the lakes. Lake districts are Åsnen, Bolmen and Kristianstads Vattenrike (Biosphere reserve).

We work with campsites, farms and cafes located along or near lakes. Find a lakeside motorhome parking at camping, farms and cafes. 

When you book a motorhome with us you will receive a special offer at the lakeside campsite Habo Camping, at the restaurant and café Lustfyllt and at the outdoor resort Ödevata  FiskeCamp. For more information on booking, terms and conditions and availability visit each website respectively.  

Check out availability for a motorhome to rent for the period you want to travel.

Lakeside parking by a jetty
Find your own lake

Fish on your motorhome holiday

Go where the fish bite

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The unique Swedish institution of  “Allemansrätten”  or The Right of Public Access  gives the nature lovers a unique opportunity to enjoy an outdoor holiday at lakes and rivers. Do not forget to find out about local fishing regulations and to purchase a fishing permit. You can buy the permit and local petrol stations, at fishing resorts, on-line or at local supermarkets. The small roads or paths leading down to the lakes are often private and the landowners work hard to keep the roads open and the shores clean from litter.

Daylight Motorhomes works with fishing resorts and farms. With a motorhome, you can easily reach the lakes where the fish bite. Our partners offer parking with a lakeside view. At Stora Nätaren, Ylen and Aneby sjön you can fish pike, zander, and perch. For more information visit Målsånna Turism or Brovillan B&B. At the fishing resort Ödevata Fiskecamp  you will reach the lakes Ödevata, Törn, Hultabräan, Mosjön and Skärsjöns. where you fish for zander, perch, pike and also tench. In Svartö you will also find rainbow trout. 

When you book a motorhome with us you will receive a special offer, overnight lakeside camping at the fishing resort Ödevata Fiskecamp, “the Green Village between the Lakes” This unique outdoor and countryside resorts is in the forefront in developing environmental-friendly projects for visitors wanting to come close to and protect nature.  Check out the offer, how to book, terms and conditions and availability on their website. Check out availability for motorhome rental on our website. 

With a fishing guide, you will find the best lakes for fishing perch, pike but also other fishes. For more information Go-fishing (The site is in Swedish), Fishing-in-Sweden or FishinginSweden. 

You can find additional information on the site Angeln in Schweden (the site is in German). 

Fishing on motorhome holiday in Sweden
Fishing on motorhome holiday in Sweden

Visit North Sweden lakes

Visit Siljan and Storsjön

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Further north you will reach the region of Dalarna and Lake Siljan. Here you will find a rich cultural landscape and stunning nature. The local life offer a wide variety of music, arts & crafts, traditional dresses “folkdräkter” and rich midsummer traditions.  

Less well known, but even more exciting is the region's special topography. There are plenty of hiking and cycling opportunities for the whole family. “Siljansringen” is a tourist destination for nature lovers.  Explore the beautiful landscape, a result of a meteorite colliding with earth millions of years ago and by ice erosion during the glaciations. 

 The Lake “Storjön” in Jämtland is Sweden's fifth largest lake. It is the gateway to the Swedish mountain region and offers amazing views, waterfalls and islands. 

Please find travel tips for your motorhome north Sweden trip to Siljan and Storsjön.

swim in Lake Ore in Dalarna
A cold bath in the Lake Ore i Dalarna

Holiday tour to Swedish rivers and forest streams

From extensive lakes and lake districts to an enchanting and winding river landscape. Travel in a motorhome and you can follow the flow of one of the many Swedish rivers. Make a trip along a river starting in the mountain areas along the Norwegian border all the way to the Baltic sea on the East coast of Sweden. Go slowly, find campsites along the river banks and explore stunning nature. Try fishing, white water rafting or kayaking. Pick mushrooms and berries in forests and marshes. 

River adventure Klarälven: From Karlstad up the river through the forest-dense Värmland until you reach the Norwegian border. Another family adventure is to follow the river Dalälven. It flows 542 km from Norway, through Dalarna to the Baltic Sea, a perfect river trip for the family. Dalälven is famous for its fjords and flows into the Baltic Sea.

For an active outdoor family holiday, close to the rivers, check out things to do at the outdoor destinations Idre Fjäll and Sälen. At these north Sweden resorts they offer MTB, orienteering or to go hiking. 

Motorhome trip along rivers
Travel along a river or stream in Sweden

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Family enjoy the beach at Lake Aneby