Rent your motorhome from us in Jönköping or Gothenburg

Sweden's largest rental company with 30 years of experience

  • Comfortable, individual arrival (car, train, ferry, plane).
  • Selected and well-serviced motorhomes.
  • Preferential rates and simple pricing structure.
  • Easy booking and handling.
  • Comprehensive basic equipment with everything you need for a successful motorhome holiday.
  • Various optional complete package Easy Fly-In and Easy All-in, pick-up from the airport / train station possible.
  • Free secure car parking.

It felt comfortable and secure to rent knowing there was a Daylight emergency number to call just in case. We never had to call, because everything worked as we wanted.

Gunnel och Bengt-Olov Fredlund, Göteborg, Sweden

We believe it’s easier to rent the motorhome in the country where you want to spend your holidays as it saves a long drive in the motorhome.

Thiemen van Gemeren, Barendrecht, Netherlands

The service level was very high, puntual pick-up, flexible opening hours at the rental station, individual travel tips, fully equipped well maintained motorhome.

Klaus K., Kaiserslautern, Germany

Our memories are very positive and we wish ourselves back to Sweden very often.

Michael Günther, Zürich, Switzerland

With us you will enjoy a safe and secure motorhome rental

Our motorhomes are always serviced and checked before you pick them up.

To facilitate the handling of the motorhome, you get complete instruction for the motorhome and how it works at pick-up.

We always act in a responsible manner and offer full support throughout your rental period.

For example, you are parked in the middle of the forest next to a beautiful lake and suddenly the refrigerator stops working. 24/7 we will help you over the phone, we do together a debug to find the problem. Almost always it is a simple problem, something with gas, a blown fuse or a setting on the control panel.

Our motorhomes

For 2(+1) persons.

Alcove for 4-6 persons.

Alcove for 4-6 persons.

Alcove large 5-6 persons.

Alcove for 4-6 persons.

Price comparison

Price mid-/high-season

(June 5th - August 15)

From 12,500 SEK/week.

Price low season

(From April up to and including 4th June, from 16th August)

From:9,900 SEK/week.

Our rental stations in Jönköping and Gothenburg are easy to reach. They are located in areas that are among the most beautiful in Sweden.

Jonkoping is located in Småland (opens in new window), "Sweden for real", with deep enchanted forests, a thousand glistening lakes, exciting highlands and an open coast towards the Baltic Sea. Good roads will take you around in Småland, the highway E4 easily takes you north towards Stockholm and further.

If you want to experience adventure and play in nature, you will thrive here. The whole of Småland is like a large playground for young and old. Climb high in the mountains or let the hiking trails take you through deep woods, discover life beneath the surface by diving deep into the sea or stick to the surface and fish or swim.

Red painted house in Småland
In beautiful Småland ...

In Gothenburg begins Bohuslän (opens in new window - content in swedish). This coastal landscape quickly leads north to Norway via the E6. It's hard not to be awed by Bohuslän's unique nature and breathtaking archipelago with the bare granite rocks and the fishing communities that, like a string of pearls pile up along the coast.

If you are on the lookout for exciting outdoor experiences, you have really found the right place. Paddle, hike, bike, there is something for everyone whether you are looking for a great adventure or want to enjoy the tranquility and silence.

Houses at the waterfront
In the traditional Bohuslän ...