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With a motorhome, you can go really close to nature on your vacation in Sweden.

Even in protected nature areas the Swedish nature is available to visitors as long as the rules and regulations are respected. Handle nature and fauna with care.  Learn more about the Swedish ”Allemansrätten” (freedom to roam act) take your family on a fantastic nature adventure. 

 Take along bikes on your motorhome trip. With bikes, you can easily explore unique landscapes and nature reserves around Sweden 

You will receive a special offer from the bike rental company Cykelkungen when booking a Motorhome with us.

There are plenty of National and Natural parks in Sweden. 

The Swedes themselves love their nature areas and spend much of their free time in nature. This is why hiking in Sweden is accessible and safe.

On weekends the nature reserves around cities such as Gothenburg and Stockholm har busy with people hiking, jogging or on their MTB-bike.

 Swedes find great pleasure in finding the  perfect spot to pick mushrooms and berries.

Many of the nature reserves are close to urban areas. Once in a small town you can find ways to reach the national park or nature reserve. 

National Park are considered the finest and most valuable areas of the Swedish landscape, full of shared natural and cultural heritage.The purpose of Nature reserves is to preserve biodiversity, nature and valuable natural environments as well as to meet the local need for outdoor areas.

If you are looking for a real nature treat find the old-growth forests. There are some still left. 

On the travel tips site GoNatureTrip or the Go Nature Market site you can find more information and valuable links. 

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Free camping in Swedish forest
Motorhome in Swedish Forest

Right of public access, the key to your nature trip in Sweden

Holiday in nature

The unique Swedish institution of  “Allemansrätten”  or The Right of Public Access  gives you a unique opportunity to move freely in nature.  On your holiday in Sweden you have access to nature.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when you are hiking, camping, climbing, picking berries or cooking food outdoors . Act responsible and with care for plants and wildlife. Another very important aspect is to respect the landowners and their right to privacy, their need to work their land and to keep their property in good condition and clean.  

There are many opportunities for motorhome travelers to enjoy and park in nature. Make sure that you know the rules and regulations regarding parking and driving off road in nature in Sweden.

In Sweden, the vast forests and land is often under private or corporate ownership. One of the largest forest owners is Sveaskog, with 14 percent of the productive forest land. Our country's long tradition of forestry means that 75 per cent of Sweden's forest is today planted forest, the remaining 25 per cent is called natural forest. Forest owners aim to save valuable forest areas: Sveaskog, for example, develops  Eco-parks. These are excellent places for fishing, hunting and other nature experiences. 

There are plenty of designated motorhome parking places. In the larger cities, you will probably be able to reserve well in advance to get a space. The countryside offers unique overnight parking on farmsteads or if you are looking for a busier option, you can find over 850 campsites in Sweden. 

In nature reserves, sensitive ecosystems and other areas of protection, it may be permitted to park in specially designated parking spaces. Check out information prior to arriving and look for an option to park close to or in the middle of nature! 

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The gold of Swedish forest
Enjoy the Swedish nature and forest on motorhome holiday

Water, forests and mountains – active family holiday

Go to and explore unique nature and landscapes!

Sweden has 29 national parks, 5 biosphere parks and 4000 nature reserves, all of them worth a visit. Nature conservation applies to the sensitive ecosystems of lakes, rivers and sea shores, in the mountains areas, in the natural forests and in unique swamp areas.

For nature lovers and active families Sweden's nature conservation areas constitute a gem among Sweden´s many tourist attractions. Big city people looking for peace and relaxation have plenty to choose from. If you are travelling with children the nature reserve also provide learning about the flora, fauna and geology.

Find your favourite nature destination in the different Swedish regions; Bohuslän, Halland, around Vänern, Småland, around Vättern, the Baltic sea coast, Värmland, Dalarna and Härjedalen.

Some of National and Natural parks in Sweden are hosting  an old-growth forest or primeval forests. These more or less untouched forest are not exposed to modern forestry and are able to regain its natural life cycle. Above all, these forest are important habitat for many of Sweden’s endangered species and it is vital for biodiversity.

The areas of old forest decreased sharply in Sweden during the 20th century. For instance, today a few percent of the Swedish forest is  unprotected old forest.

Old forests and urskog in Southern Sweden

In southern Sweden, the percentage of unprotected old forest approaches zero percent. In some Nature Reserves in southern Sweden you can still find old forest. For example you can visit, Lysinge Urskog, in the county of Östergötland and Hovaledens urskog in the county of Jönköping.

Overnight motorhome parking with cycling excursion distance  to Lysinge Urskog at the farm Hemma på Hult

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In Dalarna you explore the Siljan Lake Geopark ('Meteorum'), explore "Siljansringen", a place of a strong meteor impact of European and world interest. Learn more about the geological values of the area and enjoy  swimming and recreation on the lakes, visit a site of Viking culture , old farms, hike in wonderful nature and Swedish Heritage landscape or enjoy MTB and cross cycling

Swedish nature, forest, stones and cliffs
Children playing on stone in forest in Dalarna

Park in and things to do in nature areas

In Bohuslän, around the Lake Vänern and in Värmland

In Bohuslän  

Kosterhavet National Park: At the west coast near the Norwegian border there is a reef of cold water corals that form a habitat for hundreds of species. Above the surface is a stunning archipelago landscape. Kosterhavet is Sweden's first marine national park

Around the Lake Vänern 

The  eco-park Halleberg and Hunneberg: the mountain landscape  has a unique geology, rich nature and interesting history of people living in the area for thousands of years.. Today, several associations and organizations work  to preserve and nurture the magnificent natural and cultural heritage of the mountains. 

 UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Kinnekulle: Discover the flourishing mountain Kinnekulle, famous for its beautiful location at Lake Vänern. At Kinnekulle there are plenty of hiking trails.

Wonderful Värmland 

Nature reserve Glaskogen: Glaskogen is largest nature reserve in Värmland. It has  a total of 28,000 hectares of mostly natural forests. A holiday paradise, especially for motorhome tourists. Here you can find 300 km of hiking trails, fine water lakes for fishing and swimming. You can rent a boat or a canoe and enjoy an active holiday with your family.

Småland and the Lake Vättern

In Småland

Northern Kvill National Park: A magic forest untouched for over 150 years. This national park invites you to hike through a magical world - hidden between Småland's well-known tourist destinations : Eksjö and Vimmerby. / 

Stora Mosse National Park: Here in southern Sweden's largest marsh area. An destination worth stopping by on the trip in the South of Sweden.

At the south west coast of the Lake Vättern you will find the Biosphere Reserve “Östra Vätternbranterna”. A beautiful landscape with nature reserves, rural villages and towns and lakes. The stunning lake district includes lakes such the lake  Bunn and the lake Ören. You are close to the picturesque town Gränna and the ferry to the island, Visingsö. There are also great biking and hiking trails, old historic farmsteads and apple orchards.  

In the Biosphere reserve Östra Vättern Branterna you can park your motorhome overnight at the farm "Hemma på Hult“. When you book a motorhome with us, you will receive a special offer. On the farm´s website you read more about the offer, availability and how to book overnight parking on the farm. To see availability for motorhome rental in Jönköping and Gothenburg. 

Near and around the Lake Vättern

Tiveden National Park: In one of the more untouched forests in the south of Sweden. you can hike in landscape with up to 10 meters of high rocks that spread about by the inland ice.  

 You can find the national park inserted in the midst of an otherwise rural landscape between the Lake Vänern and the Lake Vättern.  Here you can find an old natural forest, granite rocks, the lynx and folclorich stories of robbers and trolls. Vitsand, Junker Jägares sten, Stigmanspasset, Stora Trollkyrka, Lilla Trollkyrka and the trail Bergslagsleden are the main attractions.

Dalarna and Härjedalen

In Dalarna 

 Fulufjället National Park: A gateway to the mountain range, Fulufjället is a plateau with steep sides and flat top. Do not miss Njupeskär's waterfall, the highest in Sweden (93 meters) nor Sweden's oldest tree: Old Tijkko. 

Siljansringen , the landscape around the Lake Siljan is an exciting geological area. Visit the municipality Rättvik, a gateway to the area around Siljansringen.

When you book a motorhome from us, you will get a tailor-made travel route from Gunilla, a member of the local tourist guide company Guidekullorna. Please contact Gunilla directly. See availability for renting a motorhome the week you planned to travel with the family.

In Härjedalen 

Sonfjället National Park: The great mountain Sonfjället is a beautiful place in the centre of the province Härjedalen. The National Park is an almost unspoiled retreat for bear, lynx and moose. It is also an area of ​​rare and well-preserved geological shapes, eroded by water from the melting ices during the ice age. Visit and park at Fäbodvallen Nyvallen.

10 miles south of Sonfjället in the small town of Lillhärdal there are great opportunities for fishing in mountain streams. Especially beautiful is to paddle the canoe a summer night in Härjeån. In the night sun you can see the beavers, who are night-active animals, swim around in the beaver delta “Sexan”. At the end of July and early August you can pick hjorton, lingon and blueberries. Parkera do you at Lillhärdals camping

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Nature adventure
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North Sweden mountain farm
Mountain farm in nature reserve in Härjedalen Sweden