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Travel tips for motorhome holiday close to nature

Are you looking for an ocean breeze, cliffs and waves? Do you enjoy the marine life in ports and coastal villages and towns? Do you enjoy outdoor life, climbing, beaches and cold baths? If these are your favourite things to do on your motorhome holiday you easily find your favourite spot somewhere along Sweden's 2400-kilometre-long coast. With a motorhome, you can reach costal destinations and park close to water, cliffs and on islands. 

Along the coast in Bohuslän, Halland, Öland, Gotland and Roslagen the summer and holiday atmosphere is welcoming and cheerful. The boat people cheer one and another and there are plenty of well-kept bathing places for you to find families and children enjoying the water. If you like peace and quiet there are plenty of secluded place to take a dip in the cold blue.

Summer is the best season to discover archipelago life on the West coast or the East coast of Sweden. 

Book your motorhome early and maximize the summer's experience with long days and bright evenings by the water.

In autumn, the coastline offers stunning nature experiences and many outdoor companies offer kayaking, climbing and hiking. With a motorhome, you can easily travel far away from everyday life.

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Rocks and water  West Coast of Sweden
Enjoy the coast of Bohuslän

A Trip along a beautiful coast region in Sweden

Park close to nature in beautiful Bohuslän

A popular destination for your motorhome vacation is the beautiful coast of Bohuslän. Just north of Gothenburg you can visit the island and costal destinations Öckerö, Tjörn, Orust, Lysekil, Kungshamn, Fjällbacka and Koster Islands. It is easy to find scenic campsites in the area. 

Steep cliffs, huge cuts and Sweden's only fjord - Gullmarn - make the Bohuslän coastline unique. Excursions that we can recommend are the medieval fortress Marstrand, the watercolour museum in Skärhamn or the Nordens Ark Zoo. The Tanum's rock carvings in Bohuslän is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

In Lysekil you will find companies offering outdoor adventures such as climbing and discovering the coastline in a kayak.

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Children enjoy water
Park close to cliffs and salty water on Swedish coast

Halland holiday highlights

Halland and Skåne, Southern Sweden beaches and countryside attractions!

On the coast of Halland, south of Gothenburg, the landscape changes its character. Here you can find shallow beaches, family -friendly swimming and other fun water activities. The fresh west wind creates good conditions for water sports, such as wind or kite surfing.

Famous coastal destinations are Bua fishing village, Onsala, Åsa, Mellbystrand or Båstad.  In spring-time you can take a (ice) dip in the small town Steninge, the “spring bath" is a famous event. 

If you are tired with the beach life, you can cycle on the Kattegatt trail (Kattegattleden), hike or bike on Hallandsåsen ( an impressive ridge on the border between the Swedish counties Skåne and Halland.) or visit the attractions in the area: Tjolöholm Castle, Varbergs Fortress, Varbergs´s outdoor bathhouse, the charming town of Laholm or Steninge glassworks. 

Further south, the peninsula Kullavik takes you straight into the Kattegatt sea. It is a family-friendly leisure paradise with hiking trails, caves and cliffs - and not far from the charming fishing villages Mölle and Arild. Hike on to the trail” Skåneleden ” and walk through a varied Southern Sweden scenery. 

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Beaches of Swedish Coast in Halland and Skåne
Camping and parking close to beaches in Sweden

Places and things to do the Baltic sea coastline

Holiday along the Baltic Sea coastline, islands and archipelago

Rent a motor home and explore the Baltic Sea coastline in Sweden.

Discover and vacation along the Baltic Sea, its islands and beautiful archipelago. 

Continue along Sweden's southernmost coast along the Baltic Sea with destination Karlskrona in sight. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a marine museum and an enchanting archipelago. If you want to leave the mainland, travel from Kalmar via the bridge to Öland. Explore beautiful cycling and hiking trails. 

Go further north and catch the ferry to Gotland. Here you can find great outdoors; cycle and hike in a windier landscape, take pictures of the Gotaland Rauk (sea stacks) and rest on the limestone beaches. 

Back on the mainland, take the East coast stretch to Stockholm. It is worth the drive, from Västervik's long-range harbor inlet to Sörmland's rich cultural landscape and up to Stockholm's lovely archipelago.

Rent a daylight Motorhome and if you travel with your road bike, we arrange for a bike guide to show you around archipelago municipalities Österåker and Norrtälje in Roslagen. Let us know and so that  we can book the guide. IF you want to book a motorhome please see our website.

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Holiday by the Baltic Sea
Park by the Baltic Sea

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Family enjoy Swedish  beach on summer holiday
Find your beach in Sweden